Your life’s outcomes depend largely on you

By Bamidele Salako

One of the most profound realisations you will ever make that will significantly transform the results you’ve been seeing in different areas of your life is the dawning on you of the fact that a sizeable percentage of your life’s outcomes depend squarely on you – the choices you make and the decisions/actions you take.

No one will take the driver’s seat of your life and drive you to your desired destination. No one will fetch the canvass of your mind and help you create the life that you desire. And of course, no one in their right mind desires a life of struggles full of needless anguish, debt, unfulfilled aspirations and endless frustration.

There comes a point in your growth process where you must face life with the mentality that no one owes you anything. No one. Not your parents, not that rich uncle or aunt or sibling, not your government, not your boss, not the organisation you work for, not your church – nobody! Will people lend a helping hand along the way? Most likely but it would be a privilege not a right.

Once you awaken to this realisation of responsbility, you will begin to experience a corresponding change in the right direction. Why? Because you’d have shed the toga of irresponsibility and inaction that accompanied the irritating sense of entitlement you once possessed that made you outsource responsibility for your life’s outcomes to others.

You’d have come to see and comprehend the correlation between the harvest you’re getting and the seeds you’re sowing. You now appreciate that it is not nature’s design that you get something for nothing. You now see that if you want to be valued, you must make yourself valuable. You now see the value of taking persistent and purposeful action towards accomplishing your spiritual, career and relationship goals. You’d have rid yourself of your myriad crutches and excuses.

You’re no longer blaming God or your uncle who failed to help you for your failures. You’ve learned to take responsibility for your life’s outcomes – as many as are within your control.

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